Local Vocals All Abilities Choir

My name is Dianne Makings and the “Local Vocals All Abilities Choir” is my baby. I am a local Torquay mother of 2 gorgeous boys. I have been a professional singer for 30 years and have been performing my whole life.

Our Story

I have been a professional singer for 30 years and have been performing my whole life. I have been in musicals, theatre groups, many bands, worked as a vocal coach, run various singing and performing art groups and worked for the Geelong Academy of Performing Arts. I have been working with students with special needs for the past 7 + years and have seen the amazing benefits music can have. Music is such a universal language yet it can be interpreted so differently – this creates such a unique connection. 
It can open up a whole new door – a door full of new friends, beginnings and perspectives.  It helps shape people into the person they want to become.  I am far from an expert but hope to give every member of our choir the ability to transform their lives for the better – bridging the gap between withdrawal and awareness, isolation and interaction. Singing along to a song can change your mood in just a few seconds. It puts a smile on your face as you feel every word you’re singing.

What We Do

There will be solo parts, harmonies, simple movements, instruments or just singing in unison. The beauty of this choir is you can participate as little or as much as you desire.

My aim is to work towards live performances, however there is no pressure. You might just like to come along weekly to learn the songs and not perform in front of an audience – that is up to you. I can however encourage you to move yourself out of your existing comfort zone and try new things, if that is also your wish.

Based in Torquay, rehearsals will be from 5pm-6pm each Monday of the school term (excluding public holidays), at the Torquay Improvement Association Hall located at 8-12 Price Street. It is not limited to the 3228 postcode by any means so please tell all of your family and friends.

Your first class will be a free trial with subsequent classes being $10 per week to cover expenses. This can be paid either weekly or by the school term. I do not want to exclude anyone based on their financial situation, so please get in touch with me and we can make alternative arrangements if this is the main reason you are not jumping in.

This is an all-inclusive environment. There is no age limit, no judgment of your ability – everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate. All abilities means all abilities. Come along and join in the fun! I look forward to seeing you.


What time is it held?
Do you need to be able to sing?
No you do not. You just have to enjoy singing.
Do I have to come every week?
Preferably yes, however as often as you can would be great. We work towards public performances so if you come regularly you will know the songs really well.
Do you hold the choir any other nights?

At this stage we only offer Monday’s.

What sort of songs do you learn?
We try to choose songs that most people have heard of before. Most of our songs hold a positive and uplifting  message. 


To contact us, fill this simple form and we’ll get back to you soon.